Our Adventure Plans

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

…….or in our case a single sail

From a very young age, the idea of taking small or even larger boats out into the unforgivable offshore world seemed frightening, yet somewhat appealing. The stories of Columbus boldly sailing to the edge of the earth were a big part of my childhood, and it was only when I found the stories of Sir Robin Knox-Johnson and Bernard Moitessier that I slowly started to realise that adventure was there for anyone to take. You didn’t have to be a well-funded or wealthy individual to see the world. It appealed to me that the little 30 footers with 2 adults and sometimes even children were able to cross vast distances and then anchor next to a super yacht, enjoy the same view and sail on to the next destination all on a shoe string.

No matter how tough or impossible something is, if we take the initiative, if we take that first step, the rest of the venture falls into place.All great adventures commence with simple beginnings, and we cannot wait to start out Journey and hopefully our boat renovation journey will stand as inspiration to those wanting to pursue their dreams, to take their first step, to discover their own journey and begin an adventure.

Destination 1: We left Wales for one of our final big renovations to the outside of Zora in August 2021 -New mast , rigging and lengthy list of final jobs took place.

Destination 2: We set sail from Ireland across Bay of Biscay to Spain on the 11th of September 2021. We are making our way down the west coast of Spain and Portugal with our final destination of 2021 in Lagos , where we will haul out for a few months to (Try) finish the inside of our boat.

Destination 3: 2022 is our year and stay tuned …who knows where we will end up, either way it will be an Adventure and we can not wait.

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