Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Niamh and I am first mate of Sailing Yacht Zora and perhaps most importantly Rhys number one adventure other half.  A few people have asked us how we met and how we ended up purchasing Zora as a couple. So let me start with a quick introduction into how first mate and captain met.

It was circa 2014 and we both had landed upon the fitness world of Instagram. Both avid Instagram users and both in our peak fitness we shared a common interest for sharing fitness posts. The clicking of the follow button and the rounds of back and forth liking ones photos brought both our attention towards each other. So in short we met through Instagram. (Yes cliché but we met online) Story goes that Rhys asked if we could meet up (a date one might say) and I kindly turned him down (neither of which I can recall…..Rhys might debate this part).

Years passed, I immigrated to Canada for a short stint working as a personal trainer. Rhys carried on pursuing an engaging work role as an engineer and growing his photography business on the side. (Did you know Rhys is a brilliant photographer, perhaps a blog on his photo/video edits is needed?)

Once I relocated back to Ireland the urge to travel still ate at me and so in 2017 I planned a trip to Thailand. Solo I might add, and to date one of the best life changing experiences I have experienced (apart from purchasing Zora of course). I would advise anyone if they have to chance to step out of their comfort zone and go solo travelling, or go with someone who won’t hold you back. This is exactly why me and Rhys complement each other. If you would like I can do a post of my experiences as a solo traveller, do let me know.

One night during my trip travelling throughout Thailand I received a message. It was Rhys. The date was August 1st 2017 a date which I will always remember.  I also joke that he wasn’t going to let me turn him down twice. And so when I returned from my travels we had our first ‘date’ another moment that I will always remember.  I guess the rest is history and I won’t go into every detail of the months that followed but it was and still is the best few months and then……..we bought a boat.

A boat which you are all familiar with….. ZORA.  

Stay tuned for the next blog where I will recall part two of: The Crew: How I met the captain  

Where I will be going into detail on how we ended up buying Zora and in turn became a crew