“It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you.”

We are Rhys & Niamh, a couple with a penchant for adventure and a goal to travel to as many places as possible.  We bought Zora in January 2018, and have worked tirelessly since then to get her ready for her sailing adventures.

We have goals, aspirations, and a plan for our future, we know these are all just guidelines and could change in a heartbeat. We are both trying to enjoy our journey so far and take in as many new adventures and cultures as we can, we had previously set out a plan and destinations, but we have learnt that things change and now we go with the flow and follow the winds to our next destination. We hope to share our journey and adventures we make along the way with you all and in turn build memories we can look back on. Join us on our travels and we’ll find out where we’re going, when the wind sets its course for us!

So follow our journey as we set sail from country to country exploring new places and continue our re-build of Zora and experience the wonders of (hopefully) her countless sailing voyages. So let us introduce ourselves fully!

Rhys (Skipper)

Hi im Rhys and I am skipper of Sailing Yacht Zora. I also am a photographer, engineer and adventurer. My obsession with boats really came from a young age, and I love the idea of freedom the boating life has and the opportunities to travel that it gives. My sailing history is vast and in 2017 I undertook my biggest passage to date; the transatlantic as crew on An Gobadain. I learnt so much first had experience on that passage and it really infused my passion for sailing and to own my own boat. Having my own boat was always a dream, and Zora was love at first sight. A project boat, a boat so grand in stature, a boat that would supply endless memories for us. I cant wait to see the world and experience new places and new cultures. Even to sail around Ireland and re-discover my home land is a dream. Yes, i wont lie the journey has been tough, the long days endless, investing huge amount of time and money but it will be worth it to sail into the sunset, sand between my toes (when I am not wearing Crocs, yes i am a fan ) and just be in my favorite place; the helm of Zora.

Niamh (First Mate)

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Niamh (Knee-eve) and I am first mate of Sailing Yacht Zora and perhaps most importantly Rhys number one adventure other half. Do I come from a boating background?  I don’t have much experience with the boating world. I guess I was thrown into the deep end of it, meeting Rhys and I am learning the ropes along the way (literally). I love to travel and explore different places and I cannot wait to take to the sea, set sail and experience all new cultures and make memories for life alongside Rhys. I know i have a lot yet to learn and a lot to master in the world of sailing, but I am keen to learn and ready for the wave ahead. Our journey with Zora has been quite a story to tell so far, it’s been years of hard work, sacrifices and long days but experience new places and ticking our bucket list makes it worth it.